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What to See
  • Valukeshwar Temple
  • Asgoli Beach
  • Vyadeshwar Mandir
  • Guhagar Beach
  • Anjanwel Lighthouse
  • Valukeshwar Beach Resort is nestled cozily at the southern end of Guhagar - Asgoli. Asgoli is a small village with a beautiful unpolluted beach. Just about 3 Kms from Guhagar town at the end of winding narrow village roads across paddy fields and lush green surroundings. Asgoli is a much less explored end of Guhagar!

    The Valukeshwar Temple located right in front of the resort is the main attraction of Asgoli. Asgoli is the southern end of Guhagar and has an unpolluted long stretch of beach which extends on to Guhagar uptil Baug. Take the path less trodden and explore this beautiful region in Ratnagiri and experience the charm of village life at Valukeshwar Beach Resort.


    Guhagar Hotels


    Extending from Baug to the north and Asgoli to its south, Guhagar beach is a long stretch of beach lined with shady Suru trees extending for almost 6 Kms! Although there are many entry points to access the beach the main entry point to the Guhagar beach is behind the Vyadeshwar temple which is approximately 100mts from the Guhagar bus depot.



    With many outstanding temples in and around Guhagar is a temple town in all regards. Temples committed to various forms of Lord Shiva like Vyadeshwar, Talkeshwar, Udaleshwar, Velneshwar, Balkeshwar and a temple of Ufrata Ganapati, Guhagar truely lives upto its reputation. Durga Vyadeshwari Devi temple complex is another prominent temple in Guhagar.

    Gopalgad fort

    Interesting Spots

    Gopalgad fort located about 11 kms from Guhagar bus depot is a fort in ruins overlooking the sea. Although not open to tourists at this point in time the views from the hill top with the walls of the fort next to you itself is great. The Anjanvel lighthouse and the Tolekeshwar temple is just about a kilometer from Gopalgad fort. The lighthouse is open between 3-5 pm.

    Activities in Guhagar

    Around Guhagar

    If you can bear to leave the shades of the “Suru” trees and the turquoise blue sea of Guhagar behind there is lots to around Guhagar. A ferry ride across Jaigad creek to the south or the Vashishti river to the north gets you to Ganpatipule and Dapoli respectively. If Ganpatipule is famous for its Swayambhu Ganpati temple Dapoli is well known for its sea forts.